Nizwa 011

This is traditional bricks which are more than hundred years old. Decorative stone Nizwa, a brick model, can be used for interior and exterior decoration. Tuscana is 1.5 cm thick, 5 cm wide and 20 cm long....

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Salalah 003

Salalah-003 decorative stone can be used for interior and exterior decoration. Because of its size, it is set up quickly. It is important to note that this pattern of stone imitation, as well as all of our models, has the perfect blend, which is very important for non-flipping models....

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Rustaq 001

This is a unique model of decorative stone which can be used for external and internal applications. It is modeled and made in our workshop and has long been shown to be our best-selling artificial stone. ...

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Ibri 002

A decorative stone model for interior and exterior decoration. Due to extraordinary precision of the stone mold, panels are easily placed on the wall. It is produced in a size of 45 cm in length, 10 cm wide and 2 cm thick. ...

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Ibra 67

Ibra-067 is one of the new models of artificial stone modeled and made in our workshop. The advantage of this model is easy because every stone segment is separate and the wall is brick....

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Rubber Mold

Rubber Mold Products Are Coming Soon