About HQ Stones

HQ Stones was registered in June 2017 in The Sultanate of Oman, we are specialized in the production and sales of High-Quality Decorative StonesDecorative Stones Veneer, and High-quality Decorative Stones Rubber Molds. Our production process is based on Croatian technology obtained through a long term technical support partnership with Kamen Dizajn. The production base is located in Al Suwaiq Industrial Area, Sultanate of Oman in a modern, newly built facility with an overall area of 1000 square meters. Our company is fully equipped and committed to meet local and regional standards related to the quality of its products and is totally client oriented.

Decorative Stones Rubber Molds

Our company produces rubber molds for the production of decorative artificial stone and molds for the production of concrete products of various use.  The way our molds are produced through a unique and innovative process at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 200 bars.  This production process is very effective and the mold produced has better contrast characteristics than the mold produced by a casting system.

Our Technical support partner (Kamen Dizajn) has had more than six years of track records and experience in molds production industry. Throughout this period they have improved the molds production process and got the perfect one with outstanding characteristics which is much better characteristics than Molds made of silicone latex polyurethane.

 It is important to notice that although our rubber molds have a superior quality its prices are very acceptable and eventually are less expensive than any other molds.  As we keep mold designs, even after several years when needed the same model is available.

 We can also have Molds custom made as per customer specification in such case these models remain the property of the customer and have no further use. The Mold designs we offer are our product and they cannot be bought anywhere else.

The main characteristics of rubber molds are:

  • Hardness of the rubber mold is 40 shores. Hardness of the rubber mold is 40
  • Hardness of the rubber mold is 40 shores.
  • Wear resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • During the mold production, all the air is displaced to avoid the fungi that can appear on the final product.
  • The mixture can stay in molds up to a couple of days.
  • Before filling the molds they have to be sprayed with water.
  • Even after long-term use molds would not lose their original form.
  • Especially good for wall paneling because of their excellent precision.
  • Molds are exceptionally elastic and flexible.
  • Molds have been in use for five years without loss of quality so therefore we give a five-year warranty of continuous use.
  • Molds have the certificate of validity of rubber.
  • Molds are produced in black and gray rubber.
  • The price of the mold depends on the weight of the mold and it is calculated as per 1kg per mold.
  • The minimum order quantity is 1m2.

Variety and Design: Manufactured Stone offers a wide variety of designs, profiles, and colors to suit any style or preference people are looking for.

Light Weight: Being lightweight, HQ Stones veneer products are easier to work with and given you more options as to where and how you want to install them. This means that this material can be used with masonry, wood frame or metal structures. In addition to this, they don’t need foundation support.

Durability: Permanent mineral oxide colors are used with no or minimal color change after years of weatherization. Additionally, As long as your stone veneer products are used, and installed correctly, you can rely on them to last a very long time.

Cost: The installed cost of HQ Stones is normally considerably less than natural stone.Versatility: HQ Stones Can be applied to any properly prepared surface.

Versatility: HQ Stones Can be applied to any properly prepared surface.

Adds Value: Cast Natural Stone improves the appearance and increases the value of your property.